Decoding the stringed instrument crossword clue A Simple Guide

Crossword puzzles are a fun and challenging way to pass the time. They test our brains and sometimes lead us to learn something new. One clue that often appears in puzzles is “stringed instrument crossword clue”. Although this clue can seem simple, it can lead to many different answers. Let’s explore some of the stringed instruments that might fit this clue and make your puzzle-solving easier.

Common stringed instrument crossword clue

Stringed instruments make music through the vibration of strings, which can be plucked, bowed, or struck. Here are some common stringed instruments that often appear in crossword puzzles:

1. Violin

First, the violin is a well-known instrument in classical music. It has four strings and is played with a bow. The word “violin” has six letters and is a frequent answer in crosswords.

2. Guitar stringed instrument crossword clue

Similarly, the guitar is popular in many music genres, from rock to folk. It usually has six strings. The word “guitar” has six letters and fits many crossword puzzle slots.

3. Harp

Moreover, the harp is known for its beautiful, angelic sound. It has many strings and can be quite large. The word “harp” is short, with only four letters, making it a common crossword answer.

4. Cello

Additionally, the cello is larger than the violin and has a deeper sound. It also has four strings and is played with a bow. “Cello” is a five-letter word that fits nicely into many puzzles.

5. Banjo

Furthermore, the banjo has a distinct twangy sound and is often used in folk and bluegrass music. It usually has four or five strings. The word “banjo” has five letters and is another good fit for crosswords.

Interesting stringed instrument crossword clue

Some stringed instruments are less common but still might appear in puzzles. Here are a few interesting ones:

1. Sitar

The sitar is a stringed instrument from India, known for its unique sound in classical Indian music. “Sitar” has five letters and can be an exciting crossword answer.

2. Lute

The lute is an old instrument that looks like a guitar. It was popular in Europe many years ago. The word “lute” has four letters and often appears in puzzles.

3. Zither stringed instrument crossword clue

The zither is mostly seen in folk music from Central Europe. It has a flat body with strings stretched across it. The word “zither” has six letters and can be a delightful discovery for solvers.

4. Oud

The oud is a stringed instrument used in Middle Eastern music. It has a deep, rich sound and a long history. “Oud” is a short word with three letters, making it an interesting crossword answer.

Tips for Solving the Clue

When you see the clue “stringed instrument” in a crossword puzzle, here are some tips to help you find the right answer:

  1. Count the Letters: First, look at how many squares there are for the answer. This will help you narrow down your options.
  2. Use Cross Letters: Next, check the letters that cross with your answer. This can give you hints about which instrument it might be.
  3. Think About the Theme: Finally, if the puzzle has a theme, it might give you clues. For example, a puzzle about classical music might use “violin” or “cello.”


In conclusion, the clue “stringed instrument” in a crossword puzzle can lead you to many different answers. Whether it’s a common instrument like the guitar or a more unusual one like the zither, knowing a bit about each can help you solve the puzzle. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be ready for whatever the puzzle throws your way.

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