Understanding Preclude Definition Usage Examples and More

The word “preclude” carries a weight of meaning that often elicits curiosity due to its formal tone and specific usage. Understanding its definition, usage in context, and examples can shed light on how to effectively incorporate it into both written and spoken communication.

Definition of Preclude

To grasp the essence of it’s essential to delve into its precise definition. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means to make something impossible, prevent something from happening, or exclude someone from something. This definition suggests an action that actively prevents or makes something impracticable.

Usage in Context

The usage of typically involves situations where the outcome or occurrence of an event is hindered or made impossible due to certain actions or conditions. For instance, in legal contexts, a prior agreement might preclude certain actions or claims from being considered valid. In everyday language, it can denote something that prevents or excludes, such as bad weather precluding outdoor activities.

Examples of Preclude in Sentences

  1. Legal Context: “The terms of the contract preclude any further negotiations.”
  2. Everyday Usage: “His busy schedule often him from attending social gatherings.”
  3. Academic Setting: “A lack of funding the expansion of the research project.”

Synonyms and Related Words

Exploring synonyms and related terms can provide a deeper understanding of how “preclude” fits into various contexts:

  • Prevent: to hinder or stop something from happening.
  • Exclude: to leave out or not include.
  • Prohibit: to formally forbid something.

These synonyms highlight different shades of meaning and help clarify when is the most appropriate choice.

Common Mistakes and Clarifications

A common mistake is to confuse “preclude” with similar-sounding words like “exclude” or “prevent.” While these words share some similarities, specifically emphasizes the act of making something impossible or impracticable, often due to existing conditions or actions.

Using Preclude Effectively in Writing

When using “preclude” in writing, consider the following tips to ensure clarity and accuracy:

  • Contextual Understanding: Ensure that the context in which you use “preclude” aligns with its definition of preventing or making something impossible.
  • Precision: Use “preclude” when you want to emphasize the specific action of hindering or excluding.
  • Variety: While is precise, varying your vocabulary ensures richness in expression.


In conclusion, stands as a powerful word that denotes the act of preventing or making something impossible. Its precise usage can enhance both written and spoken communication by conveying a nuanced meaning of hindrance or exclusion. By understanding its definition, usage in context, and examples, one can effectively incorporate “preclude” into their vocabulary, enriching their ability to articulate ideas with clarity and precision.

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